Do try these at home!  🙂

While I believe that SOME important parts of maths learning best take place in a regular, interactive small group setting, many parents spend time with their children on maths activities and games. Here there is no need for pressure and the mind can develop its pathways in an environment of love, fun and curiosity.

If you can make time for this, here are some free resources. Please check in with me if you would like to purchase educational activity sets and games for your home.

Parent Advice: Jo Boaler Youcubed Parent Handout p1

Absolutely invaluable advice for parents. How you can support your child in becoming a cabable, happy and confident maths learner in 10 clear points.

Hands On Activities: Maths Alive!

Read more about the very lively and generous Alan Grihault here.  This website speaks directly to children and contains a huge range of enjoyable activities that effectively support mathematical learning. While some are more suited for Grades 3-5, parents of earlier learners will be able to pick up some ideas and activities for their littlies, too.

On the phone/tablet/computer: DragonBox  Algebra 5+

This multiple award-winning game teaches the principles of algebra in a fun game. It is described as suitable for ages 5-10, but in South African schools we deal with the beginnings of algebra from Grade 4. I’d recommend this game for learners of Grade 3 or 4, but some younger ones will get into it with ease.

There is also a 12+ version which starts simply but moves at a faster pace, for big brother or sis.  All of these games cost around R200 and can be purchased with a credit card or paypal.

DragonBox Elements – brilliant for geometry.