My Maths Heroes 2

If you wander around the internet trying to find out more about how children learn (or don’t learn) maths you’re sure to come across Maria Droujkova‘s video “5 Year Olds Can Learn Calculus”.

Maria Droujkova 5 Year Olds

I love:

  1. Her explanation at the beginning of the video about the impact of painful maths experiences in primary school. It’s true – not for all children of course, but for some.
  2. The rich, imaginative activities through which she invites children to experience scale, patterns, limits, infinity.
  3. The excellent Natural Math website (which she co-founded with Yelena McManaman) and its resources for parents and teachers. Much of it is really aimed at parents exploring maths at home with their children. If you have someone aged under 12 at home, seriously check this out.
  4. Her comment to me, on offering maths lessons: “Ask the children what they want to do, they will tell you.” They really do.

I have decided that one of my criteria for “Maths Heroes” is that they share a lot for free and are not trying to make a huge buck out of what they have developed (as almost everyone else on the web seems to be doing). Everything on Natural Math is free or reasonably priced or ‘pay what you want to’.

Right now, there is a special of $25 for 5 e-books full of amazing activities and understanding.



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